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BU Ultimate Team Trivia

  1. Who Founded BU Ultimate?

  2. Name the B.U. player responsible for forming the infamous team, The Hostages.

  3. Who went on to become perhaps the most successful bagel man?

  4. Who was Rasta Bill (a.k.a. "Pasta Bill")?

  5. Who was known to make remarks towards B.U. women like, "ohhhh, it's a pink and green fashion queen"?

  6. Who threw perhaps the biggest swill in B.U. history, causing the team to lose a critical semi-final game against University of Vermont in 1983? (hint: the swill was a hammer toss thrown into an incredible gust of wind during the strongest rain storm in the 20th century with 0.00% chance of success).

  7. Name the B.U. player to first win a World Championship.

  8. Who made the best Bloody Mary for breakfast prior to a tournament?

  9. Who provided some of the best percussion music?

  10. Name the dance most favored by the B.U. Ultimate Frisbee Team.

  11. What kind of car did Peter D. drive (make and model number)?

  12. Why and how did Whamo change the original design of the Ultimate Revelation disc?

  13. Who was "The White Rabbit" (hint: he was a man trapped inside a dog's body)?

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