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Team Picture showcasing Captain Doug "Air" Propp doing what he does best (that is, spending more time in the air than on the ground)

Scott Halpern catching an unprecedented Gitis during a game of Ultimate

Check out this recent article about Former  BU Ultimate Captain, Bill Newman, a.k.a. "Rasta Bill"

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 Doug "Air" Propp makes a critical pass for BU

 Doug "Air" Propp putting on the pressure

There's just no stopping Doug "Air" Propp

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BU Team Celebrating with Middlebury after Middlebury smoked BU.  Notice "Rasta" Bill is the only one wearing dark sunglasses for obvious reasons

Captain Keith Armstrong making a Serious Pull

Captain Keith Armstrong was among just a handful of Legendary Ultimate Players who were also Legendary Freestylers.  Check out this photo of Keith in a Freestyle Competition taken several years after Keith's heyday as Captain of the BU Ultimate Team

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Article in Daily Free Press about BU Ultimate Team playing in Florida

 Doug Propp Wipes out in Bay State Road Apartment

Doug Propp and Scott Halpern freestyling at Marsh Chapel

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BU Team at Harvard

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Bill Keogh munches on Bagel

Bill Keogh, Randal, Bill Jacobs

 Bachus, "The White Rabbit" (a man trapped inside a dog's body)

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Malvern Field - Scott Halpern freestyles at Halftime

Scott Halpern sporting a BU Ozone Pilots shirt - New York City 2010

Marsh Chapel - Doug Propp Sports his new Tye-Dye Shirt created the prior evening at one of Lisa DeShamp's infamous Tye-Dye Parties

Marsh Chapel - Scott Halpern Sports his new Tye-Dye Shirt created the prior evening at one of Lisa DeShamp's infamous Tye-Dye Parties

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"Air" Propp proves he can reach new altitudes even when pulling off a "Gitis"

Daily Free Press, March 31, 1980 Article

Malvern Field - BU Disc Team


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