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Just Who the Heck is "Air"?

Whether he's playing Ultimate, Snowboarding, blading, or anything else for that matter, Doug "Air" Propp has been known to spend more time in the air than on the ground.  All laws of gravity seem to be defied when "Air" is on the Ultimate field.  It doesn't matter how many people are covering him or how tall they might be, "Air" will always come down with the disc.

Doug "Air" Propp comes down with the disc no matter what the altitude!


Formerly captain of Boston University's Flying Disc Team, "Air" went on to play with many club teams (Chain Lightening, Heifers, Graffiti, Squash, Yessss, Cigar), and has been to perhaps more national and world Ultimate tournaments than anyone (many of which he has won).  Although "Air" has been playing Ultimate now for more than a decade, he is still sporting the same cleats he had as a freshman in college - - - clearly, one of the advantages of spending more time in the air than on the ground.















Nike introduces the "Air Propp"

The "Air Propp" Cleat - Nike's First Ultimate Cleat Designed by Doug "Air" Propp

Nike is excited to introduce their first cleat designed specifically for Ultimate.  Designed by World Champion Doug "Air" Propp, these dogs sold-out within the fist month of production.  Now on back-order, the "Air Propp" is clearly the cleat of choice for the serious competitive Ultimate player. 










Some thoughts by other Ultimate Players:

  • "I may be 6'6", but next to 'Air' I feel pretty low to the ground." - Steve 'Moon Cruiser' Mooney
  • "If anyone else had named his team after me, I would have been pretty pissed off." - The 'Serious Bogue'
  • "I play a very conservative game of Ultimate.  If I make a throw, I want to feel the chances of completion are near 100%.  When 'Air' is on my team, it doesn't matter if I throw the worst type of swill or even a 'serious bogue', 'Air' will always come down with the disc." - Scott 'The Doctor' Halpern
  • "I will always be grateful to 'Air' for teaching me his basic philosophy of Ultimate which is to take it to the limit and then start from there, and for introducing me to Melissa." - Bill Jacobs, former proprietor of the world renowned Jacobs Brothers Bagels, and most recently the best Pizza/Micro-Brewery in Chicago, "Piece".

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